BC Poverty Reduction Coalition
First Call Child and Youth Advocacy

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We deliver, support, and/or engage in projects and initiatives that advance social justice, financial inclusion, and or environmental sustainability.


We are committed to helping organizations develop the knowledge and expertise they require to be successful.  We develop or support learning events and resources that can inspire, demonstrate what’s possible and help organizations to build knowledge, skills and confidence required to develop and manage their social enterprise or real estate initiatives.

Stories of Change
Arts for Life Fund
BC has had one of the highest poverty rates in Canada for the last 15 years. There are almost 600,000 people in our province desperately trying to make ends meet and keep their heads above water. The We Can’t Afford Poverty campaign is a community art-driven campaign to eradicate poverty from British Columbia, starting with raising social assistance rates.
First Call BC Steps Up for the Vulnerable
A non-partisan coalition that supports BC children, First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition has a lot to be proud of when it comes to stepping up for this province’s most...
FFCF & Young Agrarians Prove Future is Ripe with Possibility
We want to grow the next generation of ecological farmers in BC. Our ideal future would be that new and young farmers are able to thrive, and that people everywhere –from all...