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Marley Memorial Fund for Education

PURPOSE: to support education and learning for elementary and middle school students in the area of arts education in schools and/or education of girls and women in developing nations.

Véronique Boulanger and Carmen Wiseman have established the Marley Memorial Fund For Education to support education and learning in two often-underfunded areas of need: (1) arts education in schools and (2) education of girls and women in developing nations. Véronique and Carmen are long-time Vancity Savings Credit Union members who are thrilled that their credit union has given them a way to make a difference, both now and in perpetuity.

As musicians who are active in the Girls Rock Camp movement, Carmen and Véronique strongly believe that exposure to the arts is a vital component of every child's core education and personal growth. In addition, Carmen has personally seen how teaching music, drama, dance and the visual arts can enrich children's lives and expand their horizons. Experiences with the arts help cultivate creative expression, innovative thinking and 21st-century problem-solving skills. Therefore, Carmen and Véronique want to bring the arts to as many Lower Mainland students as possible.

Writer Lucia Brawley makes a compelling case that arts education is a "matter of social justice". That is why the Marley Memorial Fund For Education supports initiatives that use arts education to break down barriers and foster positive change for young people. An excellent example is the Out in Schools program, which engages youth through film to promote safer and more diverse learning environments, free from homophobia, transphobia and bullying.

Véronique and Carmen are also committed to the notion that educating girls and women is one of the most effective ways to reduce global poverty. Education is important for everyone, but it is especially critical for girls and women -- not only because education offers an entry point to other opportunities, but also because the educational achievements of women can have ripple effects within families and across generations. Girls who have received an education are more likely to marry later; to have smaller and healthier families; to recognize the importance of health care and to know how to seek it for themselves and their children; and to develop the confidence to claim their rights. Unfortunately, the literacy rates of women in many poor countries are still significantly lower than those for men, so much work remains to be done.

Carmen and Véronique are originally from the United States, but the Lower Mainland has been their home for more than 20 years. Their enthusiasms include music, movies, food, fashion, travel, and cats (the Marley Memorial Fund For Education is named after a much-loved kitty).

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