Neechi Commons Fund

Neechi CommonsThe Neechi Commons Fund supports charitable activities associated with the neighborhoods and the people served by “Neechi Commons”, which is the name of the facility operated by the Co-op.  Activities supported are primarily focused on alleviating poverty, and promoting inclusive development in an economically challenged community within Winnipeg, Manitoba.



About Neechi Commons

Neechi means “friend”, “sister” or “brother” in Cree and Ojibwa.  

Neechi Foods Co-operative has operated in the North End of Winnipeg since the early 1990’s, fundamentally committed to community economic development and to promoting economic and social opportunities for indigenous people and inner city residents.  

80% of the staff at Neechi are First Nations or Metis, who also own the business co-operatively, and the organization serves an important role fostering leadership, providing employment, and encouraging healthy food consumption within Aboriginal communities and inner city neighborhoods. They also have a long track record of promoting regionally harvested and processed foods, cultivating strong cooperative relationships, encouraging indigenous artistic and cultural expression, and supporting other community organizations. 

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