Brooke Forbes: A Story Worth Telling

Legacy Fund Celebrates Expression & Equality

The mandate of the Brooke Forbes Legacy Fund is to teach audio production skills to minority youth who want to tell their stories through the medium. Set up to honour long-time radio producer Brooke Forbes, the fund was inspired by the Radio Camps she ran at CBC Radio in the 1990’s for youth underrepresented in the media, especially those from visible minority backgrounds. She invited select high school students to spend a week at CBC. These students got turned on to the possibility of radio as a career, while gaining an understanding about the power of the medium, and the power of storytelling. With Brooke,  they learned that their stories mattered.

We are inspired by Brooke’s commitment to social justice. The Radio Camp she ran for minority youth was her way of working towards ensuring that all young people – no matter where they’re from or what their economic circumstances – have equal access to a broad range of opportunities.
- Joan Andersen, friend of Brooke and Fund creator

To that end, the Brooke Forbes Legacy Fund aims to carry on her commitment to equality. Brooke believed wholeheartedly in the power of radio, not only to educate listeners about the need for social change, but also to transform lives. We’re pretty sure Brooke would think this was an important story to tell.


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