Our Investment Model

We harness the ingenuity, passion and assets of community to create game-changing social enterpriseand real estate initiatives that transform local economies and build a more just and sustainable world. We provide organizations with access to capital, expertise and support they require to develop their initiatives, support learning and sector development, and share learning and explore new ideas and models.

Capital, Connections and Advisory Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of support and investments to help organizations move their projects forward.  We take an incremental and engaged approach, bringing the right capital and resources throughout the development path, from concept development and business planning to implementation and growth. Our supports include:

  • Expert advice and technical support
  • Grants funding for early stage planning,
  • Grants or repayable grants for later stage projects  
  • Access to financing, including impact investment, patient capital or conventional financing

Capacity and Sector Development

We are committed to helping organizations develop the knowledge and expertise they require to be successful.  We develop or support learning events and resources that can inspire, demonstrate what’s possible and help organizations to build knowledge, skills and confidence required to develop and manage their social enterprise or real estate initiatives. We work to:

  • Provide information and access to learning opportunities and events, including online learning resources, incubators, workshops and conferences
  • Design and deliver learning events, tools and resources, often in collaboration with partners

Ideas and Leadership

We learn with every investment we make and continuously look for new ways of doing things.  We share this learning and deliver or engage in research, pilot projects and collaborative initiatives that:

  • build knowledge
  • explore and test new ideas and models
  • inform and support policy or system change
  • convenes stakeholders to support collective impact

Learn about some of the past or current projects we have been involved with: