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Vancity Community Foundation received more than $18 million in gifts in 2018 from more than 1800 individuals, members, and community partners to advance and strengthen charities and community initiatives.

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Building a thriving community, together.

Together, we have the resources to build a thriving community founded on cooperative principles of social justice, financial inclusion and environmental sustainability. Work with us...

Stories of Change
Nancy Hawkins and Bill Bargeman Fund
A fair world. Social justice. Thoughtful participation. These ideals inspire the generous giving of Bill Bargeman and Nancy Hawkins, retired teachers and union leaders who established a Donor Advised Fund through Vancity Community Foundation in 2014.
Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society
In September 2017 a once-notorious establishment in Surrey, where sirens had rung out daily and women were profoundly exploited under went an incredible transformation with support from the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society, which provided a $75,000 responsive grant for much needed renovations.
Social Purpose Real Estate
The vision is borne out of an undeniable need. People are better off when they can afford a home where home is: where they work, go to school, where their social connections are and/or where they’ve lived their entire lives.
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We are a non-profit community foundation with a progressive approach to working with donors and investing assets, making grants, and delivering programs that contribute to community well-being.


You have the capital required to have a deep and lasting impact on our community. We have the strategy and relationships with key organizations which can amplify your impact. Work with us, because together more becomes possible.

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We offer investments, loans, grants and direct strategic support to changemakers who share our vision for a just and vibrant society. Find out if you qualify for support.


We deliver, support, and/or engage in projects and initiatives that advance social justice, financial inclusion, and or environmental sustainability. Learn more about these amazing organizations: