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Vancity Community Foundation was founded on the belief that if we work together, we will have the resources we need to build a thriving, vibrant community.

To get there, we use and leverage financial tools, provide innovative support to non-profit organizations, and advocate for policies that help make life more affordable through our various projects including BC Rent Bank, Reaching Home, 312 Main, Living Wage Campaign for Families, Affordable Community Housing Program + Accelerator Fund, and over 240 philanthropic funds.

Along the way, we are rooted in commitments to Truth and Reconciliation, anti-racism, equity, and being in Right Relations with the land.

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How We Work
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Vancity City Centre

Building on our track record of supporting community in a progressive and engaged way, we have the added advantage of being connected to Canada's largest community-based credit union.

Our People
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With the business acumen of the credit union and deep connections in the progressive charitable sector, we define success as building and strengthening our relationships in our community to help build a future of shared success.

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Common Thread

Whether you are seeking support from us for your Affordable Housing Project or you would like to make a difference through a donation or bequest; we would love to connect with you so that we can build a more vibrant future together.

By the Numbers

In 2021, members of our community donated $5,223,974 through Vancity Community Foundation.


We have $6,913,732 in total foundation assets invested directly in impact.


We granted $19.3 million to community housing projects from the Vancity Affordable Housing Accelerator Fund held at GVCAF.


Together, we distributed $34,304,832 in grants to the community.

Stories of Change
Impact Investing
Back in 2012, Central City Foundation approached Vancity and Vancity Community Foundation about financing the purchase of a building in New Westminster. Central City Foundation was interested in providing a low cost lease option to a local non-profit, Aunt Leah’s.
Lohbrunner Farm & The Foodlands Cooperative
There is growing public awareness and enthusiasm around building a sustainable local food and agriculture system in BC. By supporting the establishment of the Foodlands Cooperative and contributing to the acquisition of its first farm, we are helping lead the way to make foodland more accessible.
Program Related Investments Allow Orgs to Own Real Estate
For the last quarter century, Vancity Community Foundation has been creating impact in a number of forward-thinking ways. One such example is by making Program Related Investments...