Driscoll Family Fund

The purpose of the Driscoll Family Fund is to provide support to community economic development projects.


As the former Executive Director of Vancity Community Foundation from 1991 to 2004, David Driscoll assisted many donors to establish their charitable giving legacy through a donor advised fund. Although this was a routine part of David's work at the Foundation, he admired and respected the clarity and caring of those who came to the Foundation in hopes of achieving their community vision and charitable intent. As David reflects on those experiences, he finds these donors continue to be a great inspiration and remind him of a principle of one of the great faiths that "the first benefit of compassion is to the giver."

As a consequence of his time at the Foundation, David created his own charitable legacy -- not only through his work at the Foundation, but through the establishment of the Driscoll Family Fund.

The Driscoll Family Fund serves as a vehicle to lay the groundwork for a better future. David recalls one wonderful person saying, as she reflected, that a family fund is truly a love letter to another generation. Generosity multiplies and never subtracts from our community well-being. Almost any amount will work to help make that future more likely.

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