Social Enterprise Policy Fund

Established by David LePage, who is recognized internationally as a social enterprise and social procurement thought leader, effective practitioner, and public policy architect; the Social Enterprise Policy Fund supports public policy initiatives that contribute to creating supportive environment for social enterprise in Canada.


David LePage HeadshotDeveloping and applying innovative market-based solutions over many years to complex social issues has led to David’s extensive experience in multi-sector engagements, skills development, and knowledge sharing. He has been instrumental in development of a supportive ecosystem for social enterprise in Canada as co-founder and Chair of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada; founder of Buy Social Canada, Principal at Accelerating Social Impact, CCC; a partner in the Social Enterprise Ecosystem Project; and a co-founder of Social Enterprise Institute. He designed and has been a Professor at the University of Fredericton MBA in the Social Enterprise Leadership Program since its inception in 2014.

David’s work blends direct community-based service delivery and influencing public policy to ensure effective and measurable outcomes. His experience and knowledge are built upon years of learning and applicable practice in roles with social enterprises, intermediary services, and membership organizations.  

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