Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund

The Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund serves as a place where donations will grow in perpetuity and will make grants in the years to come in support of our future generations.



The Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund provides grants of up to $5000 to charitable organizations. In 2018, preference will be given to applications focused on:

  • Youth
  • Seniors

Application deadlines are May 31 and October 31 each year. Application form is currently being updated - please check back here in the fall for the current version. Any questions email 

Previous Grant Recipients

To date, over $500,000 has been granted to all corners of our beautiful province, originally from the Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Foundation and in more recent years, through the Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund. View a complete listing of our previous grant recipients.  70% of all earnings from the Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund are used to collaborate with the Vancity Community Foundation to support their core granting program.

Fund History

Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union was established as a result of a merger that included VanTel, Safeway Employees and Pacific Paper Credit Unions. It was a closed bond credit union for the employees and retirees of TELUS, Safeway, Kruger Products (Scott Paper), Pacific Newspaper Group (Vancouver Sun & The Province), Summit Logistics Inc., and/or one of their affiliated companies and unions.

The Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Foundation was created in 1999 to encourage volunteerism among bond members while providing grants to support these organizations in which they dedicate time.

Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union merged with Vancity Credit Union in 2007. The Van Tel/ Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund was established to provide a legacy to honour the history of and relationships built during more than 60 years of service Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union provided and to serve as a place where donations can grow and be made available for future generations.

For over 60 years, our credit unions provided a safe haven for our closed bond membership. Unlike most credit unions of today, in order to become a member of our credit union, you had to work for the parent company, union, or be a relative of someone who worked for the company, union etc. That is where the term "closed bond credit union" comes from. The financial world has changed very quickly and although we provided great service to our members, we had to keep up with the changes and merged with Vancity. We saw this as both the ending of an era, and the beginning of a new relationship. It was with the strong bond we built with our members, a sort of extended family, that we created the VTSCULF.

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