Executive Team

Genesa Greening headshot

Genesa Greening (she/her/hers)

Chief Executive Officer
Genesa joined VCF in 2022 as Chief Executive Officer after five years as the President and CEO of BC Women's Health Foundation (BCWHF).

Sean Condon

Managing Director, 312 Main
Sean is the managing director for 312 Main.
Michelle Eggli

Michelle Eggli (she/her/hers)

Director of Philanthropy
Michelle graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Communications Degree from the Faculty of Applied Science.
Irene Gannitsos

Irene Gannitsos

Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Investments
Irene re-joined our team in 2015, having previously worked with the Foundation from 2000 - 2012 in a variety of roles and leading much of the early social enterprise work.
Marie Genevieve Lane

Marie-Geneviève Lane

Manager, Accounting
Marie-Geneviève joined VCF in January 2018, after completing the CPA Professional Education program.

Nancy Melo

Manager, Office of the CEO
Nancy has been with Vancity for 26 years. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2012, Nancy worked with the venture capital division of Vancity.

Bryn Sadownik

Consultant, Learning & Evaluation
Bryn works with community organizations to strategically plan, manage and communicate the value of their work, and in particular the measurement of social & environmental impact.

iris yong (she/her/hers)

Manager, Diversity Equity Inclusion Reconciliation
iris is the Manager of Diversity Equity Inclusion Reconciliation for the Foundation and Vancity credit union.

Donor Services

Terran Bell headshot

Terran Bell (she/her/hers)

Manager, Donor Relations
Terran joined VCF in 2017, having previously worked in Community Investment at Vancity credit union.

Madison Mussell (she/her/hers)

Donor Services Coordinator
Madi joined Vancity Community Foundation in 2021 as the Donor Services Coordinator.

Peter Atkins

Administrator, Philanthropic Services
Peter worked through a variety of information management roles in public and private sectors before joining VCF as Administrator for Philanthropic Services in February 2018.

Hannah Sarchuk (she/her/hers)

Communication Specialist
Hannah joined Vancity Community Foundation in 2021 as the Communication Specialist.


Landon Gilmour (he/him/his)

Finance Coordinator
Landon joined the Finance team at Vancity Community Foundation in 2022 after spending nearly three years in Donor Services.

Strategic Initiatives

Elyse staff photo

Elyse Kuwert

Associate, Strategic Initiatives
Elyse joined VCF in 2022, after working for the Vancity Community Investment team for the last 4 years.

BC Rent Bank

Melissa Giles headshot

Melissa Giles (she/her/hers)

Project Lead, BC Rent Bank
Melissa is the Project Lead of BC Rent Bank, a project of the Foundation.

Reaching Home

Lisa Nissanov

Lisa Nissanov

Program Manager, Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy
Lisa is the Program Manager for Reaching Home (formerly the Homelessness Partnering Strategy).

Arminda Alexander

Senior Program Officer, Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy
Arminda joined VCF in November 2016, as a Project Officer with the Homelessness Partnering Strategy, now called Reaching Home.
Julie Cheng

Julie Cheng

Project Officer, Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy
Julie joined the Homelessness Partnering Strategy, now called Reaching Home, in 2017.
Angie Koslowsky

Angie Koslowsky

Senior Program Officer, Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy
Angie has been working with the Reaching Home team since November 2020.

Karimah Naguib

Program Officer, Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy
Karimah is a Program Officer with the Reaching Home team.

312 Main

Kelly Chapman

Operations Manager
Kelly is the Operations Manager for 312 Main.

Dave Gerow

Building Maintenance Technician
Dave is our Building Maintenance Technician.
Florence head shot

Florence Kupoluyi (she/her/hers)

Community Engagement and Member Specialist
Florence is 312 Main's Community Engagement and Member Specialist.

Sonam Swarup (she/her/hers)

Events and Programs Specialist
Sonam is an Events and Programs Specialist at 312 Main.

Hosted Organizations

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