August 27, 2021

Vancity established Vancity Community Foundation in 1989 to further enrich community well-being by building directly on the values and guiding principles of the credit union. In the same way Vancity members pool their deposits and savings to invest in each other and make positive impacts in the community, donations made to Vancity Community Foundation are pooled to make investments and to support community organizations that create positive impact.

After three decades as a solid, community-oriented organization aimed at investing in impactful local charities and non-profits, the Foundation aims to continue to leverage its assets to drive systemic change and to create impact at a broader and deeper level. With twin crises of climate and housing affordability demanding that we redouble our efforts and a shared commitment to Reconciliation and anti-racism, the Foundation has identified a need to return to more community-based representation in its governance.  This work has begun by welcoming Khelsilem and Rita Parikh  as Foundation board members.

Our donors and community partners are now, more than ever, looking for every opportunity to ensure that community capital is being invested in meaningful, lasting change.  To continue to meet & respond to community needs, the Foundation is undergoing a strategic shift to fully align with Vancity’s impact direction with a renewed focus on climate justice, anti-racism, and reconciliation.

At this time, the Foundation seeks permanent leadership to bring people together and to mobilize financial resources as a catalyst for community well-being focused on healthy communities.

To review the Executive Director opportunity, visit:
Vancity Community Foundation - Executive Director • Leaders International