Vancity Community Foundation Leadership Update

Allison Felker has been named as interim executive director of Vancity Community Foundation (VCF) following the departure of Derek Gent after 10 years at VCF and 7 years at Vancity.
In May, Derek advised VCF’s board of directors that he would step down as executive director at the end of June. Derek says he was looking for something new at this stage of his life and career. 
“I am very proud of the work we’ve done here and what has been accomplished together with our many partners, donors, co-investors and the organizations we have supported that are affecting positive change in our communities,” said Derek. He added his “profound thanks for all the experiences, memories and learnings I take from my time at the Foundation.”
Over his 10 years at VCF, Derek has been an integral part of many projects that will benefit our community for years to come, including affordable housing initiatives such as the recent Oakridge Lutheran Church development.
“Derek’s contributions have had an immense impact,” says VCF board chair William Azaroff. “I’d like to offer my sincere thanks and wish Derek the best of luck in his future endeavors.”
After working closely with Derek throughout June on the transition, Allison Felker took over as the VCF interim executive director at the beginning of July. Allison is an experienced leader who knows the organization very well. Vancity will be launching a search for a permanent executive director later this year.


Pictured Above: Former Vancity Community Foundation executive director Derek Gent joins vendor Bob Dennis for Megaphone Magazine’s annual Big Sell on January 20, 2018.