Nutritious Meals are Just the Start at Potluck Cafe Society and Potluck Catering

The Tip Jar
In 2014, Potluck’s community staff worked a combined 11,465 hours, which translated into $147,481.60 in earned wages for employees facing barriers.

Vancouver’s Potluck Café Society and Potluck Catering are a pioneering example of a successful social enterprise. By utilizing funds from the catering operation, the organization is able to provide education and meal programs to encourage proper nutrition within the community. If that weren’t enough, Potluck also supports the employment of individuals who live in the city’s  Downtown Eastside. For close to 15 years, Potluck has provided on-the-job training, mentorship, and life skills for neighbourhood residents. But their support goes even further by helping people navigate challenges outside of the work realm, by connecting them with housing opportunities and mental health services, and by providing nutritious meals as well.

At Vancity Community Foundation, we’ve provided a range of financial support over the years, as well as technical assistance. And we always look forward to their delicious catering services at our meetings.

More than a Pinch of Caring

As a result of the expertise developed at Potluck, the Recipes for Success (Recipes) program grew to offer practical guidance for  businesses of all kinds. Supported by multiple funders, Recipes provides business owners, managers, and staff with proven best practices to provide pro-active, preventative, cost-effective opportunities in the workplace to support staff facing barriers. Since its inception, Recipes has supported 32 different businesses employ an impressive 93 individuals that likely may not have been working otherwise.The Recipes magic ingredient? Caring, caring, and a dash of more caring.