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We harness the ingenuity, passion and assets of community to create game-changing social enterprise and real estate initiatives that transform local economies and build a more just and sustainable world. 

Our Approach


We seek innovative and high impact models and initiatives that show the most potential to enhance social and economic inclusion and environmental sustainability.



Together with Vancity Credit Union we offer a comprehensive suite of funding, financing and advisory services for high impact social enterprise and social purpose real estate initiatives.



As a trusted advisor and navigator we aim to support organizations to unleash their creativity and build the confidence they need to develop social enterprise and real estate initiatives that maximize community benefit and financial return.



From concept planning to implementation, we offer incremental and tailored solutions based on organization needs, opportunities and stage of development.

Social Enterprise
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We believe that social enterprise can be a powerful tool to meet community needs and address social and environmental challenges. We invest in the development and growth of social enterprise initiatives that contribute to social or environmental goals.

Real Estate
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We support organizations to acquire, develop or redevelopment real estate assets that maintain or increase community ownership and access to affordable housing and spaces for non-profit services and programs.

Other Opportunities
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Learn about additional community grants program available through Vancity and/or browse opportunities available through Donor Advised Funds.

Featured Portfolio

Learn more about some of the amazing projects that have received support through our Social Enterprise and Social Purpose Real Estate Funds.

Stories of Change
Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society
In September 2017 a once-notorious establishment in Surrey, where sirens had rung out daily and women were profoundly exploited under went an incredible transformation with support from the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society, which provided a $75,000 responsive grant for much needed renovations.
Social Purpose Real Estate
The vision is borne out of an undeniable need. People are better off when they can afford a home where home is: where they work, go to school, where their social connections are and/or where they’ve lived their entire lives.
Social Enterprise Fund
Sometimes what makes the biggest difference in a person’s life is the sense of confidence that comes from getting back to work and belonging in the community. Last year, Nicole Thurgood was looking too long and hard for work. She began feeling low, asking herself: “What am I going to do? How do I feed my family?” The 46-year-old Strathcona resident turned to a job-readiness program with Mission Possible, a Vancouver community development agency and accepted a six-month transitional job in one of its social enterprises, MP Maintenance, which provides exterior building cleaning services and landscape maintenance.