Comox Valley Land Trust: Pat Glazner Memorial Fund

The Pat Glazner Memorial Fund was established to generate income to support the operations and special projects of the Comox Valley Land Trust.

Comox Valley Land Trust works in a unique part of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The Trust's mandate centres in and surrounding the "Comox Valley" including the area from Deep Bay to the Oyster River. This is a special part of Vancouver Island and is home to a rich diversity of species and habitats. Some of the ecosystems that support this diversity are endangered.

Urban development, forestry and potentially new mining place ever-increasing pressure on the valley's disappearing habitats and recreational access. CVLT develops projects and programs to conserve the richness and diversity of the environment that brings visitors and residents to this spectacular region. The Comox Valley has relatively little publicly owned land so most of the CVLT's work is primarily with private property owners.

The CVLT promotes and encourages the protection, conservation, beneficial use and management of natural and/or recreational lands for the benefit of Comox Valley residents and visitors in perpetuity.


The CVLT is able to develop and place, in partnership with land owners, conservation covenants on public and private properties. The Trust then monitors these lands to ensure the conservation of ecosystem function, habitat and/or the natural features for which they were set aside.

The CVLT assists the public to understand land stewardship and works cooperatively with governments, industry, community groups, and individuals to protect lands of natural and/or recreational significance by way of policy, regulation, acquisition or covenant.

The CVLT was incorporated in March 1999 under the BC Societies Act. It is a registered charity and is authorized to register conservation covenants on properties pursuant to BC's Land Title Act Sections 218 and 219.

History of the Fund

One individual who embodied the spirit and intent of the CVLT's mission was Pat Glazner. Pat's life preceded the formation of the CVLT, but the feeling for protecting this place and its natural values that Pat shared with a number of other Comox Valley environmental leaders was ahead of its time. He recognized the beauty and environmental values of nature along with their spiritual and health giving properties.

When Pat died of cancer in his early 40s his dear friend Hans Peter Meyer resolved that he should be remembered in some way. Several years after Pat's death Hans established a Donor Advised Fund in Pat's honour at the Vancity Community Foundation with the CVLT being its beneficiary. Hans saw investing in conservation as a key element in sustaining the livability of the Comox Valley.

In 2014 the CVLT and Hans saw an opportunity to make the fund grow through the creation of a new, combined Fund: the Comox Valley Land Trust-Pat Glazner Memorial Fund.

Help the Comox Valley Land Trust's conservation work and invest in the future of the Comox Valley. Regular monthly or annual investments in the Comox Valley via the Comox Valley Land Trust - Pat Glazner Memorial Fund are a way to support the CVLT. All earnings from the Fund go directly to building the Comox Valley Land Trust's capacity to do its work: sustaining quality of life in our region.