Cyndi & Jim Poynter Thoracic Nursing Education Fund

Cyndi Poynter

The Cyndi & Jim Poynter Thoracic Nursing Education Fund was established in memory of Cyndi Poynter and supports the VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation Thoracic Nursing Fund in recognition of their hard work and dedication to Cyndi and her family.


Cyndi Poynter was an integral part of defining and celebrating the culture of Citizens Bank. A positive and inspirational leader, Cyndi's spirit and contribution to the Bank have become a branch of her legacy.

Another branch began to grow in 2004, when the Cyndi and Jim Poynter Thoracic Nursing Fund was created. The Fund supports the specialized nurses of the Vancouver General Hospital Chest Centre. Along with providing compassionate care to patients and their families, these nurses are dedicated to learning new treatments and technologies that will benefit their patients. Funding is critical to grant Chest Centre nurses access to continuing education and nursing-driven research to further success in patient care.


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