We measure ourselves by the impact of those we work with. Simply put, we partner with donors and organizations to be a catalyst for meaningful community-based transformation. We believe both big and small contributions can make a difference. 

We have deep roots working with community

We work with our charitable partners to address community needs. Through combinations of grants, loans and advisory services we are able to get creative, often finding innovative, flexible, and nimble ways to catalyze support for impactful projects.

  • Visit  Seek Support to learn more about our Affordable Housing Program, opportunities with Donor Advised Funds and more.
  • Learn about our work in community in our Storybook, produced in 2016 and reflecting on our 25 year history.

We work with donors

We work with individuals, families, businesses and other charities, to help them achieve their desired impact in community. One way we do this is through Donor Advised Funds. A Donor Advised Fund is a strategic tool that allows you to create a lasting legacy to support charities in your community – while providing tax benefits back to you.

  • Visit Give to learn more about working with Vancity Community Foundation to create impact.

We care how money is invested

With every dollar screened according to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing; funds are pooled in a balanced portfolio to achieve competitive market performance without compromising values. We make direct impact investments through loans, private equity and other asset classes – all without sacrificing financial returns

  • Visit By the Numbers for more information about our financial highlights.