Lulu Fund

The Lulu Fund was created by Louise Leclair, in consultation with Barbara Pulling, as a means of supporting Vancouver-based community arts and social justice organizations.



If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.*

Cultural, political and advocacy activism has been important to me since my teens. As a young feminist and cultural worker, I saw first-hand how important even small contributions could be to the success of ideas that might never otherwise get off the ground. Keeping our Women’s Centre alive, starting a Women’s Café, supporting our feminist newspaper, fundraising for a local theatre group, helping to fund women’s music and establishing Friends’ Groups for museums and other organizations all led to my lifelong interest in action-based creativity.

The Lulu Fund is a direct link to my own earlier work in support of creativity in both the arts and grassroots organizations. It is founded to help support organizations that stand out, take chances in programming, say things that might not otherwise be said -- and do so with pizzazz!

I hope that my friends, family members and others who care about community- engaged arts, culture and social justice will contribute to this fund now and in the future.


*Many sources attribute this quote to Emma Goldman, a feminist heroine, anarchist activist, editor, writer, teacher, jailbird and general troublemaker (Alix Kates Shulman, Women's Review of Books, December 1991), whose life was dedicated to fighting the inequality of women and poor people in particular. For Goldman, the creative arts were part and parcel of the struggle for justice.

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