Program Related Investments Allow Orgs to Own Real Estate

For the last quarter century, Vancity Community Foundation has been creating impact in a number of forward-thinking ways. One such example is by making Program Related Investments (PRI), whereby we provide direct loans to organizations investing in real estate. As a result, every month, these organizations get closer to owning their buildings outright, and we see returns on these crucial investments as we get the original capital back, which in turn allows us to continue doing the work we do.

Loans of this nature have helped kick-start important community-owned real estate projects within our communities. We have supported organizations such as PocoDots Child Care Centre, the Chrysalis Society for women recovering from substance abuse, and the Central City Foundation site for Aunt Leah’s Place, a home for young moms and youth in the foster care system.

We have also provided “pre-development loans” for organizations involved in construction projects where land has been secured and additional planning work is necessary.

PoCo Dots Child Care Centre

A safe, nurturing place to grow and learn is part of the fundamental building blocks of a child’s development. For over 20 years, PoCo Dots Child Care Centre has been offering such a place in the Port Coquitlam community, a lower-income neighbourhood with few daycare options. PoCo Dots provides affordable child care for children ranging from 30 months to 12 years, including out-of-school care for special needs children.

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