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Our mission is to work with individuals and organizations to help build a society that's inclusive, just, and sustainable. Using our experience, community knowledge, and Vancity network, we will work with you to develop a giving strategy that’s right for you and helps you to invest in people & organizations – big and small – that are making a difference. 

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Working with us to channel your charitable giving comes with its own set of unique advantages.
Here are just a few reasons to work with us:

Experience and Values

Experience and Values

Having access to the services, expertise, and network of Vancity means we’re able to build on the cooperative values and reputation of a legendary local institution, and join together to create even greater positive change in the community. 

Ethical & Impact Investing

Ethical & Impact Investing

When you work with us, you can take tremendous comfort knowing your dollars are invested ethically to achieve both financial and social returns.



Setting up a Donor Advised Fund is simpler than establishing a separate charitable foundation or dealing with individual charities. We take care of all the paperwork and administrative details.



Whether you establish a Donor Advised Fund, for short-term impact or a long-term legacy, or partner with us directly, we’ll work with you to contribute to the causes you care about.

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Ways to give
Ways to give


Whether you’re making a one-time donation or partnering with us over the long term, contributing to a Donor Advised Fund, or establishing a Donor Advised Fund, there are many ways to give.

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Vancity Community Foundation hosts a wide range of Donor Advised Funds that support organizations and individuals in realizing their vision for community impact.

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Terran from the Foundation

Terran Bell
Donor Services Advisor

Terran brings people together with the causes and issues they care about, to make a difference in our community.

Professional Advisors

For Professional Advisors

Working with Vancity Community Foundation means access to a full service of philanthropic services, in addition to direct referrals to unique supports as a result of our close relationship with Vancity Credit Union.

Stories of Change
The Kathi Fund
In 2017 the Kathi Fund reviewed its first round of applicants; solopreneur, Chelsey Allen, was selected as the Fund’s inaugural recipient. Chelsey is based on the Sunshine Coast, where she loves being part her vibrant ocean-side community and is inspired by the healing and nourishing power of the sea...
Arts for Life Fund
BC has had one of the highest poverty rates in Canada for the last 15 years. There are almost 600,000 people in our province desperately trying to make ends meet and keep their heads above water. The We Can’t Afford Poverty campaign is a community art-driven campaign to eradicate poverty from British Columbia, starting with raising social assistance rates.
Salsbury Garden Fund
In 2006–2007, neighbours and community activists worked hard to preserve their much-loved Salsbury Garden, but were unable to save it from the pressures of development. Now, a decade later, a couple of those people have partnered with Vancity Community Foundation to create a Donor Advised Fund in the garden’s name.