Bright Beginnings Foundation Fund

The Bright Beginnings Foundation Fund has been established to help some of Surrey's most vulnerable young adults see a bright future.

People facing financial hardship every day are challenged by many barriers to success. Society’s stereotypes, as well as a lack of understanding about how to fix this complex problem are just two of the obstacles. However, people living in poverty can, like everybody else, achieve big dreams and strive for excellence if we meet them where they are and link them to support networks. Research clearly states that making a strong connection with disadvantaged students will break through the poverty barriers. The Bright Beginnings Foundation provides students with post-secondary tuition, living expenses and mentorship. This Foundation will truly make a difference for students and their families who live in poverty.

According to the most current National Household Survey, Surrey has a population of 72,000 low-income people. 28% of them are under the age of 18 and 63% are young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. The majority of these youth will never be given the break that is necessary to change their circumstances. They will live in poverty their entire lives. The only hope for most of these people is to obtain a job that will provide them with more than just a minimum wage. In our society, a post secondary degree is important for someone wanting to earn a Living Wage.

The Bright Beginnings Foundation will present a once in a lifetime opportunity to some of these young adults. Each year we will invite graduate students who demonstrate motivation and scholastic potential, and who face impossible financial challenges everyday, to apply to receive the Bright Beginnings Foundation's bursary. We will provide tuition, educational materials and mentorship to students as they attend the post secondary institution and program of their choosing. We will give emotional and financial assistance to the student for daily living expenses, transit fares, etc.

With your help, the Bright Beginnings Foundation will be able to provide the means to breaking the cycle of poverty for families. Contact Tammy Neuman or visit  Bright Beginnings Foundation Fund to learn more about the Fund and the various ways you can donate or get involved.