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circaNow Media is an independent production label based in Vancouver, Canada and owned privately by Janex Holdings Inc. circaNow was started by Jason Farris in order to bring rich historical bodies of content into a modern context so that they can be better understood and enjoyed by audiences, new and old.

The circaNow Foundation was established in 2010. The Foundation exists to bridge the past with the future so that life today and in the future can enjoy, learn and benefit from, connect to, and improve upon natural and human undertakings of yesteryear.


Sample Grants

Annual grants are made from the Foundation's capital gains to registered charitable organizations that align with the Book SigningFoundation's mission.

Examples of the types of community activity that align with the Foundation's mission are:

  • Capital improvements to the heritage house and grounds of Canuck Place Children's Hospice, which serve as a tranquil yet highly functional setting for terminally ill children with their families.
  • Funding for low-income students attending the University of British Columbia so that they may study the works of past masters in their field of interest and apply that knowledge to the creation and application of new bodies of knowledge.

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