Clinic Integrates Elders Into Care

Lu'Ma Medical Centre supported by VanTel/Safeway Fund

For time immemorial, Indigenous communities have had a wholistic understanding of health including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being; balanced in correlation with our physical environment, the earth, diet, relationship with animals, family and one another.

The process of colonization and cultural genocide has traumatic impacts on Indigenous families that has caused health disparities that are no longer acceptable. Lu’ma Medical Centre opened its doors in August, 2016 with the intention of changing the way health care is delivered in order to actively engage individuals and families in restoring and maintaining their well-being.

The Centre is the only clinic in Vancouver with Indigenous doctors and provides access to traditional healers and a mental health counsellor. Earlier in 2016, the VanTel Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund received an application from Lu’ma seeking funding to furnish patient  examination rooms. A grant of $5,000 enabled Lu’ma to furnish one exam room with an exam table, a wall mount with blood pressure, ear, and heart monitors; a stool, and a scale.

Administered by Vancity Community Foundation, the Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund provides grants of up to $5000 to charitable organizations in support youth, community enhancement, crime prevention, and the environment.