Kathi LeBlanc Innovation in Business Fund

Kathi LeBlanc passionately supported the launch and growth of dozens of great natural brands.

The "Kathi Fund" honours the life and work of Kathi Leblanc. Kathi was forever a champion of natural products and passionate entrepreneurs. Kathi's career spanned three decades working in the natural products category, first as an employee at Yves Veggie and Imagine Food and finally as principle of Fluid Creative, where she supported the launch and growth of dozens of great natural brands.

Christine Janssen (Kathi's Life Partner and Natural Products champion in her own right), Brian Saul (Kathi's business partner and co-founder of Fluid Creative) and Gail Mountain (Kathi's long-time friend, mentor and founder for Indigo Natural Products) invite you to make a donation in honour of Kathi and in support of Female Entrepreneurship and a thriving Canadian Natural Products Industry.

how to apply for the kathi fund awArd

The goal of the Kathi Fund is to identify, nurture, and support the next wave of Canadian Women Entrepreneurs of Natural Products. Every year Canadian Woman Entrepreneurs in the Natural, Organic, Sustainable, and Social Responsible Consumer Packaged Goods category will be asked to submit a launch or growth plan that will be assessed by a panel of industry experts. The applications will be assessed based on vision, mission, values, business plan and likelihood of success.

The annual winner will receive:

  • $1,000 cash award
  • One-on-one mentorship in a variety of critical disciplines including, Brand, Finance, Sales & Distribution, Product, Sourcing & Manufacturing
  • Creative services from Fluid Creative.

To be eligible for the Kathi Fund Award you must be a woman living in British Columbia and be the owner or co-owner of a BC based business producing a viable consumer product already in distribution or available for purchase. Your application must include your business plan with a cover letter explaining how the award would elevate your business and how your vision, mission and values align with the spirit of the Kathi Fund. Please include photographs of your products.

  • For more information about how to apply, click here. 
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