Australia has experienced record-setting devastation and loss of habitat as a result of climate change-driven forest fires. After losing tens of thousands of acres of land to flames in over 100 distinct fires, and the loss of dozens of human lives and hundreds of thousands of animals, Australia is badly affected and permanently altered by climate change. 

As climate change transforms global ecosystems, our awareness and ability to take action on the climate emergency is of the highest importance. Reflecting on the news coming out of Australia, Vancity wanted to find a way to help their co-op cousins. 

Extending support

Vancity reached out through the international credit union system to see how they could support affected co-ops and credit unions in Australia. They were advised that a grassroots organization, the local St. Vincent DePaul Society, was mobilizing on-the-ground relief for co-op members. Vancity contacted them, and through the Foundation transferred $25,000 from the Vancity Humanitarian Fund. While a small amount relative to the overall disaster, this gift is an expression of solidarity and hope for their co-op cousins. 


Donate to support climate change relief and more

The Vancity Humanitarian Fund was established in 2015 by Vancity as a ready mechanism for the credit union to respond to stressors and pressures affecting the credit union and co-op system worldwide. Our goal is to grow the base endowment of the Fund so it can permanently and annually provide funds for disbursement. Donations to the Fund are tax-creditable, and easy to make.